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Organic Products

Organic means our food is not grown in cocktail of chemicals like chemical fertilisers or chemical pesticides (either used on the crop or already present in the soil owing to their use for decades) and is also not genetically modified or genetically engineered. Science says Fresh Organic Produce contains many more vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Organic products protect us from toxic and chemical induced diseases while nourishing our bodies to promote good health. Non-organic food only appears to be cheaper, but it costs us our health, our farmland, our eco-systems and taxes to pay for the disasters that chemical farming create. Chemical farming has led to dramatic erosion of the soil, killing off whole species of birds and near extinction of some of our beautiful wildlife. Chemical farming can also be seriously damaging to the farmer's health. 

So Go Organic and show that you care. Sustainable Organic Agriculture is already feeding people around the world. By buying our organic products, you not only enjoy premium quality, you also participate in and empower a holistic mission that supports the environment, promotes sustainable organic agriculture and protects the bio-diversity of the Earth, while supporting thousands of marginal farmers and tribal communities in rural India. 

Sunshine Agrovet is committed towards being socially responsible to the community and also wants its customers to live healthy. At present Sunshine Agrovet is partnering with various Organic projects (all having organic certification) spread over the southern & western parts of India and is looking to export these authentic organic products to its customers tailored to their requirements (labeling & packaging). The main organic products being offered are:

 Basmati & Non Basmati Rice     
Spices &Chili
 Black Pepper
 White Pepper

Oilseeds Soybean


Cashew Nuts

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